About this Blog

During one of my visits home from college, I overheard my dad talking about me while on the phone with someone. In a rather dismissive tone, he replied to an unknown comment about me: "Yeah, you know... she's just young and idealistic." 

This remark, which I took to be meant as demeaning, stayed with me as I began to consider names for this blog. I wanted a name that would convey all the things I hoped this blog would become: an opportunity to make something, not only of myself, but for all of the under-represented social issues I had begun to care so strongly about. I envisioned a blog that would raise awareness of causes and lead to fantastic fundraising campaigns and financial contributions to organizations and individuals in need. 

Those undeniably idealistic (and perhaps overly optimistic) dreams came together with my love of baking to make this blog. As hopeful as I am that something greater than baked goods will eventually stem from it, I am also extremely excited to try my hand at new recipes, decorating techniques, and food photography.

Happy Baking!