Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings

It’s taken me a bit longer to share a reflective post of the past year, but I’ve found that 2013 has been an incredibly transformative year. Rather than single large milestones, this has been a year of multiple new experiences, developments and advancements toward the life and career that I want for myself. 

Many, many pieces creating the whole. Like this garlic. Or maybe I just want to share this photo that I took six months ago, but haven't found a use for.

Working backwards, in 2012 I accepted a full time position at a company where I began an internship the year before. I signed my first one-year lease since college.

In 2011, I graduated from college and moved to Boston to begin an internship that would develop into my first out-of-college full time job. I also created this blog.

This past year, I devoted to soul searching and self-discovery. I realized what many have already determined — I should have a career in food. What I may do with this decision is practically open-ended now that I’ve determined the foundation of my goals.

It’s been difficult to pick a few specific milestones of 2013 as they feel more numerous and specific. No single development captures my growth in 2013 as multiple experiences have shaped the year. I interned at Boston’s Museum of Science and joined the NoshOnIt team, a great group of people I’m still working with as much as possible. I applied for and was accepted into Boston University’s MLA in Gastronomy program, and am starting the spring semester this week!

In 2013 took on more jobs, made new friends and had many new experiences — all things I expect will continue to occur for years to come. I hope that every year I make new friends, take on new jobs and learning opportunities, travel, and grow as an individual.

In the past year, the most visually apparent development has been my photography. I can credit this in part to a much nicer camera than I’ve ever had, but I believe I’ve also formed a stronger understanding of light and arrangement when photographing food. The evidence is in the photos on this blog.

At the end of 2012, I candied ginger and shared that experience as well as the recipe for these candied ginger and chocolate chip cookies on my blog.

At the end of 2013, I candied ginger again, baked those incredible cookies and photographed the final product, floored by how much more appealing these new photos are than the first batch. 

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and improve this year as it is already turning out to be very promising.

So far, 2014 is kicking off strong as the year I officially begin my Masters in Gastronomy program, though I will be transferring in credit from the course I took last fall as a non-student. I’m also interning with America’s Test Kitchen as part of their web editorial team.

I will spend the first quarter of the year somehow juggling 2 classes, 2 internships, and a 40-hour workweek for a semester. How exactly I’ll pull this one off is still to be determined, but I’ll become a better-organized (and sleep-deprived) person at the end of this period.

…And that’s just the first few months. I’m already exhausted thinking about it, but oh so excited!

I’ll also be turning 25 this year (a quarter century old, gasp!) and potentially taking another solo trip or two. Weekend trip to Los Angeles? Ann Arbor? Jet setting across the globe and back? The future brings endless possibility and I’m so excited for all that is yet to come. 

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