Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strawberry Sriracha Margaritas for Summer

On a beautiful spring day in Boston, two days into my much anticipated stint of “funemployment,” I could think of nothing better to do than enjoy a Strawberry Sriracha Margarita with friends before heading to Fenway for a Red Sox game!

Since this “funemployment” business is news to most of you, let me back up a bit and update you. This past Friday marked my last day of work with ConnectedLiving, the social impact company where I was working primarily in marketing, but also occasionally in grant proposal writing, curriculum development and ultimately filling in wherever needed. I’ve learned so much in my time there and met some of the most incredible people, but now the timing is right to move on to some new endeavors and focus on shaping my career in a new direction.

I’m taking most of the month of May off to travel, which is why I’m calling myself “funemployed.” Come Friday, I’m off to South Africa for a safari adventure with my family. When I return, I’ll have just enough time to pack and move apartments before starting my next adventure at Boston’s Museum of Science in June, where I will be working in fundraising and development. All of these exciting changes have filled up most of my time in the last few months so I’m looking forward to a summer of more stability and of course, more time for baking!