Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Year in the Life of a Twenty-something

It's all coming to an end... The year 2012 that is.

The year I signed a lease on my first "grown up" apartment.

The year I went to Asia.

The year I bought and assembled my own bed (after sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 4 months).

I guess I'm sort of growing up, but believe me — I'm fighting it!

In the last year, through blogging about my baking escapades, I've shared quite a bit with you.

...About events and occasions that took place - as commemorated by a baked good.

...About being exhausted when I return home from work - unfortunately noted by lack of baking

...About thoughts that popped into my head and couldn't keep themselves out of my writing.

What I haven't shared are everyday events that neither inspired or required a baked treat or documented story.

For instance — many a night I sat around with my roommate after work, drinking wine and watching TV. Occasionally, we'd break out cheese and crackers and really make an event out of it:

Other nights have been more eventful. Exploring bars and restaurants in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. Days of adventures. Nights of dancing.

Looking back at this year compared to others, measuring achievements is complicated for the first time. This has been the first full year of my life in the past 18 years that cannot be measured by a grade. No test scores. No papers graded.

The only tests I've taken have been far more complicated. For instance, there's the Get a Job Test. How is that one graded? Pass/Fail? If that's the case, I pass. But, that seems too simple.

Score an apartment. I guess I pass. I have one, but are any points going to be docked for lack of laundry machine? How about distance from public transportation?

Moving forward, few things will ever again be simple. That's why I cherish the nights that are. The nights where nothing really happens but I enjoy my time with my friends. Wine and cheese nights. Makeshift dinner parties. Sushi dates. Holiday celebrations with menorahs made from wine bottles.

I love baking intricate things, trying weird flavor combinations and impressing my coworkers and friends, but when I put aside the bells and whistles, it all boils back to the same thing — the simple pleasure I get from baking something new.

No matter how beautiful or interesting the final creation is, when I have success with something new, I can't help but smile. That is why in 2013, I'll be doing much more baking. However many baking accomplishments I pull off will be my measure of the next year's success... and I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Thanks for reading and spending my first year in the real world with me! Have a safe and happy New Year!

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