Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby's First Cupcakes

It's with great pleasure that I share this news with you...

We're having a baby!!!

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, the baby is not mine — there will be no buns in this oven for quite a while.

My boss is about 6 months pregnant, so when I say "Were having a baby," I'm referring to everyone in the office (myself included) who is expecting partial-owenership of Baby Boy Jackson once he arrives this summer.

Friday night, we all threw a company baby shower complete with games, dinner, and plenty of Young Idealistic Baker treats!

Here's the future mama with her cupcakes:

For this event, I recreated my very first batch of cupcakes for this blog with only a few minor adaptions.

Back in June, as part of a blog contest to create the best cupcake and ice cream combination, I made Lemon Almond Cupcakes filled with Lemon Curd and Almond Granita. For the shower, I made the same cupcakes, swapping regular milk for almond and omitting the almond granita. I cut the tops off the cupcakes, filled them with lemon curd, and topped them with yellow and green-tinted Almond Buttercream to keep with the theme of the party. Two of my co-workers found "Jackson" candles, which made the perfect decoration.

Like before, the Lemon Almond Cupcakes were incredibly moist and delicious, with a great crumb. The curd was delicious, and the Almond Buttercream was sweet and light.

I also brought a batch of Crispy Snickerdoodle Cookies, which I found became incredibly chewy when I doubled the size of the cookies before baking.

In addition to the goodies I brought, we also had an assortment of bakery cupcakes and "crack" bars:

And of course a cake:

 Now with just a few months to go, we all are counting down the days until our first company baby arrives!

Here's the soon-to-be World's Cutest Red Sox Fan!

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  1. Great post. Warms the heart of an Older Slightly Cynical Baked Goods Eater