Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cheering on Michigan from the Beach

Today is the first Michigan football game of the season, and I’m not there. Instead I’m at my Aunt and Uncle’s beach house on Cape Cod with my family, cooking meals with my cousins and thinking of all the memories that I associate with this house. 

I remember building cabins in the upstairs living room out of Lincoln Logs with my cousins.

That little one in the center is me!

I remember a house full of cousins and a dining room table overflowing with fresh fruit and nuts to snack on all day long.

I remember walking along the beach and collecting hermit crabs, bringing them back to the house in a bucket, and then discovering them all dead in their bucket the next day — what’d I do wrong?

The last time I visited the Cape, I dragged my friend out to my favorite childhood location — the Harwich Trampoline Center. Never too old for trampolines!

Today I’m remembering all of my favorite things about Cape Cod, because if I start remembering my favorite things about Michigan Football Season, it will make me too sad.

The season is just getting started though and I will definitely be thinking (and baking) in terms of Michigan often from here on out.

I made football cupcakes once before for this past year’s Super Bowl. How creative will my baking become this football season? Keep checking back to find out!


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