Saturday, September 10, 2011

BLUE Velvet Cake Swirled with Colored White Cake - Go BLUE

Six hours of baking, 50 cupcakes, and oh so much food coloring later, I managed to create two-cake cupcakes. BLUE Velvet Cake Swirled with Colored White Cake. Happy Football Saturday everybody!

This may seem like no big deal, but I was quite nervous about how these two cakes would function together because the ingredient list was very different in a few key ways. The velvet cake called for oil as the main fat component while the white cake called for butter. Any bakers or science folks out there know that oil and butter don't necessarily blend together seamlessly.

One cake called for baking powder while the other needed baking soda. I'm still trying to figure out the subtle differences between these two leavening agents.

And last, one called for regular milk, and the other called for buttermilk.

So I started experimenting baking in small batches of 6-12 cupcakes at a time. For my first batch, I wanted to see how each cake worked on its own and I wanted to try two variations of melding the mixes: layered and swirled or poured in side by side.

Sorry about the third color - I had to make some UF cupcakes to bring to Gainesville. 
As soon as batch number one was in the oven and I started cleaning up, I realized a crucial mistake. I forgot to put an egg into the Blue Velvet cake mix! I quickly added one to the remaining batter and hoped for the best, but....

Batch number 1 was a failure
So ugly
All of the cupcakes containing the Blue Velvet mixture got tossed. Batch number 2 looked much nicer:

Then I moved on to the mini cupcakes. These turned out really nice:

I frosted all my cupcakes with a basic Cream Cheese Frosting colored to match the appropriate team's colors. I ended up with a plate full of Maize and Blue cupcakes, a plate full of orange and blue cupcakes, and a third type of cupcake to be addressed another day.

The care packages brought up to Gainesville contained all of the the orange and blue cupcakes (they weren't staying at my house!) a few Maize and Blue cupcakes (you want to eat my cupcakes, you support my team!) and a few of the third type of cake:

And now, as so many of my friends head to Ann Arbor (or are already there) to cheer on the Wolverines, I'm heading up to Gainesville to root on the Gators the Wolverines both teams.

Forever and always, GO BLUE! (Beat the Irish today!)

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