Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Confession Hour: I'm cheating on my Blogger blog with Tumblr.

This blog continues as it has been - lovely written blogs about food, nonprofit organizations, and whatever else I decide is appropriate for this Young Idealistic Baker.

The Tumblr will link to this blog whenever there is a new post, but will also link to other websites and blogs related to nonprofit organizations or baking recipes. It will also feature pictures that didn't make it to the full blog, but that I think are worth sharing, food fun facts, and whatever else comes to mind. A post a day! I'm in the process of filling in all of the recipes here, but have already added some pictures and links that you'll only find on the Tumblr.

Check it out, but keep coming back here for full posts and recipes.

By the way, today is National S'Mores Day!

Happy baking! And, more importantly, happy eating s'mores!

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