Monday, June 27, 2011

Stuffed with PRIDE!

After I posted yesterday, I got a phone call from my friend in New York. He was standing at the start of the Pride Parade, and called to say he missed me and wished I were there. This saddened me for two reasons:
  1. I really miss him too
  2. I really love the Pride Parade
A flashy queen from the 2009 Pride Parade!

My favorite float from the parade
And my second favorite group
After our phone call, I decided I had to bake something rainbow to honor the Pride Parade. Unfortunately, most rainbow colored treats require a fair amount of prep work, dying the dough and whatnot, and I didn’t have the time. Thank goodness for rainbow sprinkles!

A while back, I found a recipe for Oreo stuffed Funfetti cookies that were covered in rainbow sprinkles. I borrowed the concept, but not the recipe because I had a bag of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix in my kitchen.

How I made them:
  • Cut out as many circles as possible with a diameter or 3 inches or less (but bigger than an Oreo cookie)
  • Refrigerate for an hour or so
  • Top cookies with rainbow sprinkles
  • Put an Oreo in the center of a cookie, top with another, and pinch the edges together
  • Refrigerate again for about an hour
  • Bake for 9-10 minutes
How I think I should have made them (what I’ll do next time)
  • Cut out circles and top with sprinkles before refrigerating the cookies
  • After Oreos are nicely pocketed between two sugar cookies, refrigerate the cookies for much longer than one hour (probably three or more)
While these cookies weren’t as perfectly pretty as the ones I found online, the taste was dead on and the rainbow sprinkles made me smile!

Sent this picture to my friend right after the cookies were finished:

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